At Gifted Arms, we pride ourselves on quality service by healthcare professionals that are not only competent, but also very compassionate. We sincerely hope that you would consider our services. Some of our wonderful patients were kind enough to provide testimonials and we would like to share them with you:

“I love Gifted Arms. Without it, I don’t know where will I be, they try to make you feel the best they can. They are compassionate. I don’t want anybody else.” – D.W. (Names abbreviated for HIPAA regulations)

“I appreciated everything. They were supportive, kind, and reassuring. They would explain everything to me. They would make me feel like they were always on my side. They would always help me for whatever I needed, and for however long I needed it. It was really special how they surround me with care. They took interest in me.” – G.G.

“I appreciated them showing up on time. They were polite and gentle. They took care of my dad. They were extremely nice and professional.” – B.S.

“I appreciate that they keep me advised about what’s going on. I’m healing, and I couldn’t ask for better care.” – M.L.

“I appreciated the fact that they came to visit you at your home.” – R.H

“I am very impressed at all the services I got. I appreciate it very much.” – C.E.

“The staff always checks up on me all the time by calling or visiting me. The clinician has brought me stuff that I have needed, when they didn’t have to but they just did because they are fantastic people. Gifted Arms is just a loving, caring, and wonderful company that I have made a special bond with. Andy, Jong and Janice gave me personal attention that is unbelievable.” – R.P.

“Gifted Arms has been fantastic and reliable. The staff is very pleasant, understandable, and very patient” – D.S., daughter of Gifted Arms patient

“The service from Gifted Arms Home Health is very good. Ever since the nurse started coming out, he has always been very respectful and always nice to me.” – H.M.