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Minor Home Modifications to Increase Senior Safety


Most of us are able to shake off falls, but for our elderly loved ones, one bad fall can be debilitating to their health. Factors like injury, vision loss, and chronic pain contribute to impaired mobility that increase the risk of falls. Likewise, there are minor home modifications to aid in fall prevention and increase senior safety:

  • Enhance bathroom safety.

    Slippery flooring, cramped spaces, and hard surfaces can make the bathroom an unsafe space for seniors. Mount grab bars near the shower, bathtub, and toilet to add stability and balance. A provider of home healthcare services in California can also provide hands-on assistance with hygiene tasks.

  • Light up the living space.

    Many seniors experience vision loss with age, which makes it more difficult to see clearly. Improve the lighting in key areas like hallways and stairways to make the home easier to navigate. Make sure the paths to light switches are accessible, and install a night light in the bedroom for when seniors need to get up at night.

  • Remove any clutter.

    Remove clutter and other trip hazards like loose electrical cords, throw rugs, and stacks of books or magazines. Arrange furniture like low coffee tables so that they are not in the way. A caregiver providing home healthcare in Bakersfield, California, can help make sure that items are within reach.

  • Keep the kitchen clean.

    To promote safety in the kitchen, clean up spills immediately and keep frequently used kitchen utensils like pots and pans within reach. Seniors can also prepare food while seated to prevent fatigue and loss of balance.

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