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The Healing Power of Physical Therapy After an Injury


Physical therapy is a boon for people of all ages, especially older adults. Similar to skilled nursing in California, physiotherapy is essential to healthy aging and can help seniors recover after an injury as it helps reduce pain, increase mobility, and restore function. Here, we discuss the healing benefits of receiving physical therapy:

  • Manage Pain

    Physical therapy offers several health benefits, such as relieving or eliminating pain after an injury or accident. Treatment may include therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques to reduce pain, build strength, improve balance, and reduce your reliance on pain medication.

  • Enhance Mobility

    In addition to nursing care, physical therapy can help seniors regain mobility after an accident injury. Seniors who struggle with walking, standing, and other movements undergo tailored exercises that stretch and strengthen their muscles. Therapists can also recommend assistive devices like canes and crutches to improve mobility.

  • Prevent Falls

    Physical therapists will assess the senior’s fall risk and recommend exercises to improve their balance safely and at a manageable level. This may entail maneuvers to manage feelings of dizziness and vertigo that contribute to falls.

  • Prevent Future Injury

    As a provider of home healthcare services in California, we offer physical therapy to prevent future injury. By helping seniors rebuild their strength, flexibility, and coordination, they become less susceptible to accidents.

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